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The only direct connection is the name. We’re rolling to Rosemary’s winery. I’ll take it. Rosemary’s winery, La Grange TX.



do not be alarmed

this stickbug has a shadow

at least it’s unarmed


stickbug haiku

I never expected to see the band whose records I’ve kept in rotation since the late ‘90s. Any time I DJ’ed I played songs like “Song Against Sex” “A Baby for Pree” or “Holland 1945” and I could always spot the person hearing it for the first time who’d say, “Hey, who is this?” because they were touched.

It’s sexy, soul-conjuring, and unlike any other artist that there is. The lyrics and the mayhem takes you somewhere else in such a pioneering way, it’s almost hard to believe. Sometimes glum, other times pogo-danceworthy with horns that come alive, swell, and then collapse together.

There are spaces between the sounds that almost have control over you, giving you a chance to catch up and really feel the lyrics and imagine the intentions behind them. It’s visceral, graphic, and depicts life, fragility, and how the world can get pretty shitty sometimes.

The carnival-style accordion comes out unexpected, but full of humor, and even vim. But there’s an undeniable dolefulness to this band that drives non-fans nuts. For me, I get a feeling kind of like seeing an abandoned, old wooden rollercoaster. There’s an obvious history behind it; surely fun times, but now it’s creaky, weathered, and going to pot.

I was so pleased to see the line for the women’s room last night was equally long as the men’s. I credit the lyrics about “ovaries” in the song “Oh Comely.” What song has honored the ladyparts as well as this? As a woman, I feel perhaps not understood, but definitely thought of, and thought of well.

It is safe to say that no other band will ever sound like this, or strike these same chords that give us chills at the same time. I think of how lucky I am to be one of those people who has seen them live last night, and I smile.

Rosemary Pepper Nick Tangborn

Rosemary Pepper Nick Tangborn

Not one to get all melancholy at the end of the year, seeing everyone else post a bunch of stuff on their facebooks, I see patterns that emerge. Nobody ever wrote about the Everly Brothers before the untimely passing of one just recently. And it’s sad. We lose a lot of greats these days, whether we knew them or not. George Jones, Lou Reed, parents of loved ones, a college friend.

Some people are writing uplifting promises to themselves as their status updates. Things like trying to work out, be more paleo, or less fat, or no sugar or the upcoming terror of a juice cleanse.

I have lots of goals, and some are to keep doing what I’m doing, like being in the now. Trying to be fearless. Believe in myself and everyone who I love. Love harder and more. Engage a longer attention span. Things that don’t fit into a tweet. Or on snapchat, or a seven-second video or a twatchat, as if that is a thing.

One friend said that “2014 is The Year of the Masterpiece.” For him, it’s making a record album. And why not now, we are presumably all better than we were at this time last year, right? We are more experienced, if only just from being in the world longer. If so, then that is something. We must go ahead and consider ourselves better than we were at this time last year.

The only choice is to be In The Now. Because that is all we have: what is right in front of us. You want to know what you have? Look around. There is an incredible amount of things to see. And it’s our duty to look around and appreciate it.


This’d be a latergram, if I had posted it anywhere ever. Or at least earlier. But I put it here instead, and so are you. There may be a strip mall at the bottom of this pic I took last Friday, before the #shitshowshutdown but one of the best things here is the open sky.

photoI am so amazed that New York looks like this right now as I type. Must see see NYC, it has been a while.

1233529_10152235768723642_1399798776_nStreet art project operating from Brooklyn NY is 3-D printing these great small rabbits and 10K of them are around the world. This is mine from tonight. #mysterabbit

I’ve always preferred red carpet entrances to the actual awards ceremonies, and the stars were sparkling  at the 65th Emmys. The fall s the season of jewel tones with ruby, emerald, amethyst & sapphire. Miles of silk wafting through a sea of flashbulbs is what Hollywood freaking is, candy for the eyeballs, and I’m for it.

So let’s get into the best and the worst.

Best Color I Have Ever Seen is this impossible blue-teal on Jessica Pare. It read more green on my television screen. To die for.



Most Adorable Couple goes to John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt. She took a fashion risk and it it paid off nicely. Fun color.



There is nothing wrong with Christina Hendricks in this Christian Siriano gown. Delicious; pairs well with Johnny Walker Black.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

It is so nice to see youth done well. Lena Dunham’s velvety makeup was great with the Prada print that was great with the carpet. Thoughtful, had vim, and no need to be tugging on a damn hem. Good work.


Lena dressed-emmys-2_214945277700.jpg_bestdressed_item

Padma Lakshmi was absolutely killing it. They broke the mold with this  woman. Stunning, always.


Best Color Pairing was on Anna Faris and Allison Janey. With the play of the vivid lemon and the fantastic purple next to each other, you didn’t even mind that wig on Anna. Perfectly orchestrated fashion happening here. More of this please, thanks!

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

Best Back is on Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock. Super creative bead placement. It felt like vintage, but new & now.


Token Best Man — because I really only notice the gowns is Zachary Quinto in Givenchy. The charcoal textures and matte cement tie were a fresh & pleasant surprise.

zachary quinto givenchy

Second-to-the-worst look was Michelle Dockery’s Prada. Love both colors together, love her whole deal, but the fullness of the skirt was as if she stood up and took the floor rug with her. It’s the one gown I never need to see again.


Worst look Heidi Klum’s Versace. The turtleneck looked uncomfortably tight and I just kept thinking “lizard” for some reason.


And to leave on a nice note, Zooey Deschanel looked her best ever. The metallic icy blue column dress was accessorized with a Chanel tourmaline ring. The slit was so high that she could move in it as if she were just in jeans. Well played.




free-bite-beauty-lip-layer-boldAnother reason to love Canada is Bite beauty:  all-natural lipstick that’s good enough to eat.

This double-ended dreamy cream is called “Bold” with cherry red “Pomegranate” and fuschia pink “Vidal.” Excellent coverage and feels moisturizing. Pleased to see that vivid lipstick is not just for spring and summer, it’s on our lips this fall.

Pro tip: cover lips with the fuschia first, then add red on the outside corners and cupid’s bow for a 3-D effect.

Not big on malls — because they make me feel like a zombie — I popped into JC Penney to seek out eyefuls of the suddenly-affordable design line by Jonathan Adler, arbiter of “Happy Chic.” He covers beds, baths and beyond with great prints and color palettes.

But I surprised myself by throwing down for an Archipelago Botanicals candle in the scent called “Quince” which I didn’t even know was a fruit. It’s velvety scent feels much like pear and is wafting all over my house.quince